NSDB (Sydney) Launches the photo.BANGK!™ eGallery - A fusion of cloud photo storage with eCommerce


NSDB PTY LTD (Sydney, Australia) announces the official launch of photo.BANGK! (pronounced: “photo-bank”).

The photo.BANGK! eGallery fuses cloud photo storage with e-commerce. The result is an efficient, a-la-carte eGallery that can be quickly customized to match the theme of any personal blog, company homepage, etc.

Gallery Functions:

- Drag and Drop Photo Uploading
- Auto-Watermarking & Photo Branding
- Public & Password Protected Portfolios
- Photographers Set Photo Prices

Service Features:

- Personalized & “Warehouse" Gallery Themes
- No Monthly Storage Fees
- Photographers keep 90% of all sales.
- Anonymous Email & Voice Mail Services (to protect photographer identity)

The online service is FREE for 100 photos; and premium options are available for larger portfolios (for nominal, one-time purchase fees) .

The service has been designed for the professional photographer - to be used by everyone.

In recognizing that nearly 2 billion people upload nearly 1 million photos to the internet - per minute - photo.BANGK! represents the first of several services by NSDB that are designed to help people monetize their growing cache of (digital) assets.

photo.BANGK! — now available for web-based registration:

About NSDB

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