Putting the Smart in Smartphones

Tell me your mobile phone, and I'll tell you who you are.  Or something like that.

A British betting firm rolled out an online test comparing users of different smartphone brands.  The findings?  iPhone users found the correct answers the fastest.  Now, the sample size is probably not large enough and the quiz might not be the hardest to answer (If you want to answer the quiz, here's a spoiler alert: it allows you to change your answer as many times as you need), but this will be something that might weigh on the minds of Android users, for one.  And President Obama, apparently.

Whichever phone you use though, the PCs lose: By 2017, smartphone sales are expected to gobble up 70.5% of the market share of Smart Connected Devices—which include tablets (16.5%), desktops (5%), and laptops (8%).

After all, aside from being able to determine your IQ (okay, not really), there's just a whole lot you can do with smartphones that you won't be able to on personal computers.  With the help of external contraptions and mobile apps, you can use your smartphone to take your temperature to see if you are sick.  You can also check if your burger is medium rare, or measure gamma radiation.  You may also use your phone to study plant cells, or even make your family cry during gatherings.  Let's see you try that with your I7.

So what other cool stuff do you use your smartphone for?  Is there something you wish it can do?  Maybe we can build an app for that.  Contact projectCREATE (1300 308 804), a mobile app development Sydney company, and let's talk about your ideas.