Reliable Reroofing Services from Bower Roofing

Bower Roofing provides reliable roofing services to clients with old and damaged roofs. The company’s skilled and experienced teams not only repair the structure, but improve them as well.

[Perth, June 5, 2014] - Bower Roofing, a renowned roofing company in Perth, provides reliable re-roofing services to clients with old and damaged roofs. The company’s skilled and experienced teams not only repair roofs, but improve them as well.

According to Bower Roofing, there are instances wherein the roofs are too old and damaged for restorations to suffice, making re-roofing the only viable option. In such cases, the company removes the roof whether it has tiles, iron, or asbestos, and replace it Bluescope Zincalume or Colorbond®.

The company lists eight very good reasons customers should avail of their services in re-roofing, more specifically Colorbond®. Bower Roofing uses the products not just to fix the roof from its damaged state, but to prevent the problems from happening again.

Re-Roofing Benefits

Bower Roofing’s services provides roofs that are:

  •          Light weight
  •          Weather tight
  •          Secure
  •          Thermal efficiency
  •          Resistant to corrosion
  •          Ease of maintenance
  •          Variety of styles and colours
  •          Beautiful new look

Bower Roofing re-roofing services also provides customers the option for better insulation. The company recommends top quality insulation products, such as a 55mm Anticon. The product, when installed properly, ensures that the customer's homes will reduce its heating and electricity consumption, lowering the house’s carbon footprint and the utility bills.

Professional Re-roofing Practices

Bower Roofing’s professional teams are meticulous with their work; checking not just replacing broken tiles. The company checks and secures flashing, locates and repairs leaks, as well as cleans and re-points ridge cappings.

Their strict quality guidelines and policy ensures customers that all the relevant permits are in check. This gives them the assurance that all of the company’s methods and projects are in accordance with laws and regulations of Perth and West Australia.

About Bower Roofing

Bower Roofing has been in the industry for over three decades, their experience is honed by numerous projects for clients. The company and its teams have become experts in every roof repair situation imaginable. They pride themselves on their professionalism, timelessness, competitiveness, and excellence.

The company handles all of their projects, whether re-roofing or roof restorations, in accordance with the most stringent health and safety measures to provide customers peace of mind.

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