AXbean launches a not very sexy software product: QuikBots for Excel

Contact: Robert Wallis


Phone: (628)400-2848


Resorts to a Pay What You Want promotion with 50% of proceeds going to Direct Relief

West Sacramento, CA August 16, 2016:  AXbean entered the crowded application software field with its product QuikBots for Excel that quickly educates users on how to easily master Microsoft Office's Excel program. This product won’t be on anybody’s bucket list, but it will provide Excel users a happier work day, creating spreadsheets faster with the innovation of QuikBots, Select, Click, Done method.

As AXbean Co-Owner Robert Wallis explains, “There are tons of apps on smartphones where the majority never get utilized. People pick the ones they use the most and relegate them to their home pages for easy access. QuikBots works on the same principle, putting the most popular Excel features in easy reach. But we went further and created each Bot so it takes just one click, avoiding the wasted time of clicking through drop down menus and pop-up windows.”

AXbean handed over QuikBots to a group of no nonsense Beta Testers, who put it through a rigorous testing of its over 25 commands, including Sorting, Charts, Highlighting, Column Insert, and Row Width. They finally gave QuikBots the green light to move forward and proceed with marketing tactics.

Noting that the media at large is normally overrun by press releases, AXbean forgoes the chance of making any money in exchange for blatant publicity of its First Promotional Charity starting August 16, 2016. People who want to buy QuikBots will be able to pay what they want and 50% of the proceeds will go to Direct Relief, an organization noteworthy for not only providing medical assistance to people in need around the world but for its donation transparency.

About AXbean:  AXbean is a recently established company focusing on creating software applications for Microsoft Office products. Their future business plan is to design, develop and market Microsoft Word and PowerPoint applications to help beginners and seasoned but frustrated users hate these programs less.

QuikBots for Excel is now available for Windows and Mac, 2007 and later versions.

To learn more about QuikBots and its one clickable application please visit