Free Download 4-8th December of Kids' Creative Thinking World Activity Book

Tel-Aviv, Israel, December 7th 2015 - Elementary students struggle with academic study stifling creative playfulness, therefore becoming bored, aggressive and remote. Many end up avoiding homework or behaving badly, to the regret of their family and teachers. This is dispelled by Michelle Korenfeld's Creative Children Like the Animals of the World. This child friendly book is designed to ignite imaginative expression, revealing kids' individual potential so they are guided to fulfillment and motivated to reach higher.

While there are many books on arts and crafts, scientific fun or play for creative kids, in this book arts, science, nature and environment interweave into an enriching reading that inspires free writing and drawing to support kids' creative thinking, their innate playfulness with ideas.

What is the connection between the symmetry of the peacock's tail feathers and courting colors? Is it true that there are animals to which more than 7 colors are visible in the rainbow? What tasks must a bee eager for independence learn before becoming a forager? The book's engaging stories, poems, drawings and paintings explore these questions and so many more, nurturing kids' curiosity about the world.

"The book is perfect for read aloud sessions in classroom and school libraries. It is a good book to read to kids at bedtime. The page where the child is given the opportunity to become the co-author of the book is wonderful and it will definitely help them explore their hidden creativity" states Readers' Favorite's review.

The author, Michelle Korenfeld, is a lifelong experienced educator in museums and gifted students institutes. This top-shelf book sums up her research and practice, providing parents, grandparents and teachers with an easy to use tool for helping kids be creative and have confidence.

The new kindle edition will be available for free download on December 4 -8th, 2015 on Amazon. Link: .

The book's delightful hand drawn animal coloring pages are offered as a free gift bonus on Raising Creative Thinkers.

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