Building Confidence in Your Young Aspiring Actor

Your children have a passion for acting, yet are too timid to do anything about it. What is a parent to do? Without seeming pushy or overbearing, there are simple ways that you can encourage children to pursue their dreams of being on stage, from encouraging them to read about some of their favorite actors and how they started out to enrolling in a performing arts camp where they can try out their talents. There are many ways that you can help your children build up the confidence that is needed in order to step outside of their own comfort zone.


There are thousands of books available about various actors, whether they were written by themselves or written about them. Help your children choose age appropriate books that will give insight about someone that they may already look up to. Chances are as they read the book they will learn surprising facts about many famous actors that started off just as shy as your child feels right now. Just because the celebrities look amazing on stage now does not mean that they always looked that way. These simple facts might just be enough to get your children to break out of their shell.

Enroll in Camp

Youth summer camps in California that offer a performing arts program is the perfect way to give your children the experience of being on stage and part of a large production without any pressure. Campers typically audition in the beginning of the camp simply to ensure proper placement of them in the production, allowing them to be the most successful. Children then get to watch as the entire production comes together from designing costumes to practicing scripts and working behind the scenes. Most performing arts camps offer a viewing of the final production on the last day of camp. Allowing your children to attend a camp that focuses on performing arts will give them the chance to be surrounded by those that have the same interests as them, furthering their passion by being social.


Every little step that your children take in the direction of pursuing their passion in performing arts should be celebrated. Even if they take on the smallest role in the school play, celebrate it! Bring them flowers after the production or hold a celebration party at home to celebrate their success. Any type of positive reinforcement that you can provide your children with after they step outside of their comfort zone and realize success is important. Your presence at their performances will show them that you are proud of them and want them to continue.

Children today often get caught up in the comfort of being at home, in front of the television, video game console or even their own books. It is up to the parents to encourage children to find their passion and pursue it. If your children have a passion for acting, yet do not have the self-confidence to put themselves out there to see what they can do, it might take a little work on your part to build up their self-esteem and get them ready to be out there. Start with small steps and gradually encourage them to try more things, including attending youth summer camps in California that offer performing arts programs. Eventually they will realize their dream of being on the stage!


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