Whitley Furniture introduces an innovative new website designed to help consumers save time and eliminate the guesswork out of furniture shopping!

June 11, 2015 Zebulon, NC

Whitley Furniture Galleries, a leading home furniture retailer serving Zebulon, NC residents, has launched an innovative new website designed to help consumers save time and eliminate the guesswork traditionally associated with the furniture shopping experience. The new website compliments their traditional brand and makes it easier to explore their variety of furniture pieces.

The OmniVue website platform by MicroD Inc., incorporates mobile-friendly, Responsive Web Design to provide shoppers with best-in-class navigation and convenience while shopping on tablets and other mobile devices. The platform also enables Whitley Furniture Galleries to deploy more dynamic and customizable websites, with enhanced search engine optimization, that better communicates their unique branding and product strategies. Designed and developed in conjunction with online furniture merchandising specialists, Whitley Furniture Galleries can seize new opportunities to better engage with your consumer.

What makes Whitley's different?

For starters, we've been in business for a really, really long time. The family who built and opened the store in 1909 is the same family who owns and operates the store today. As the business grew over the years, building after building was acquired so that today's showroom takes up an entire city block in down town Zebulon. We have continually offered the very latest, most fashionable, solidly- built and enduring furniture available.

We've remained in business for over 100 years by making sure our customers are thrilled with the furniture they purchase, the price they pay, and the personal attention they receive.

Shopping at Whitley Galleries is different than driving from store to store on "furniture row". It's more like a fun afternoon adventure. You'll walk through the front door and find a friendly, family like atmosphere. You'll wander through room after room in these cool, historic buildings, discovering all sorts of styles and colors and textures. You'll find the latest designs and fashions you've never even seen before!

Our sales and design team is friendly, talented, and super creative! Our delivery team is gentle with your furniture and kind to you and your home.

And last, but certainly not least... you only have to park once. It is simply quicker, easier and more convenient to shop at the one store that has everything! We hope you will choose Whitley's!

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