Staker Parson Companies Employee Lisa Nielson Awarded with Outstanding Citizen Award by Ogden Police Department

Ogden, UT April 2, 2015: Lisa Nielson, Executive Assistant for Staker Parson Companies, received the Outstanding Citizen Award at the OPD awards banquet on March 19th from the Ogden Police Department for her selfless service provided to Marjorie Medina, Candace Pete, and Sal Palacios. This award is given to citizens for conduct, which provides valuable assistance to the Ogden Police Department.

“On May 21st, 2014, Lisa Nielson came upon and accident in the 3500 block of Wall Avenue. She immediately recognized the severity of the accident and stopped to render aid. Lisa has emergency medical training and carries a “Jump Kit” of emergency medical supplies in her trunk. As she checked for injuries, she discovered 18 yr. old Marjorie Medina and Candace Pete pinned in the front seat of the car with the dashboard and engine of the car crushing Marjorie’s lower body and legs,” as describe by Office Robert Evans. This was the scene she saw, but in the situation, most people would just keep driving. Lisa Nielson didn’t hesitate to pull over and render aid. Lisa continued to render aid under the direction of Ogden Firefighters when she noticed young Sal standing to the rear of the car. He looked terrified and confused. Candice, the passenger and Sal’s mother, asked Lisa to stay with him and give him comfort. “Lisa remained at Sal’s side and rode with him in the ambulance. Lisa Nielson’s constant preparation to render aid to strangers, and he selfless service provided to Marjorie, Candace, and Sal is a powerful example of human kindness,” Evans said.

Lisa Nielson emulates what it means to be a compassionate human being. She consistently demonstrates care and kindness towards others. Since being employed with Staker Parson Companies, she has dedicated much of her time teaching Rocks Build Our World to 4th grade students all over northern Utah. Lisa has also donated her time to St. Anne’s homeless shelter as well as organized donations of Christmas gifts for a local assisted living home for the past several years. “Staker Parson Companies puts safety first in everything it does. Lisa takes safety seriously and even takes it home with her in her everyday activities, which is why she was so prepared to help Marjorie and her family. We are fortunate to have her on our team,” said Scott Parson, Staker Parson Companies President.


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