Find Them All: Looking for Animals - Educational Game for Children - Now Released on Android

 PARIS, FRANCE, May 22, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "Find them all: looking for animals" is an educational game designed for young children. It offers various activities on the theme of animals of the world.

It has been available from the Apple AppStore for three years and is now also available for Android (3.0+) devices in native resolution via Google Play and Amazon App-Shop.

A game suited to children aged two to eight
Fully narrated (in seven languages) the game is made up of levels, each representing a different environment (Farm, Africa, Asia, North America, etc.).

Younger children learn to recognise the animals (their names, the sound they make and what they look like) in an explorer stage that requires them to use their dexterity (scrolling, touching the screen).

Older children can look for the animals at night and use the camera to create their own album, listen to the commentary or create jigsaw puzzles (up to 42 pieces).

The camera can also be used to unlock quizzes: the child then has to answer a series of illustrated and random questions (such as which animal is the biggest and which has four feet) to win extra photos.

Finally, the child activates videos by finding the cameraman.

The printing functions extend the game via paper booklets which include a range of activities (folding and cutting out, sticking the head on the animal and learning to write their names).

Discovering the animals of the world
Have you heard of the greater kudu, the tarsier or the okapi? Through this game children will discover 144 species of animal from the everyday to the strangest!

There are 24 animals in each world and the children will also discover:
- The sound they make
- Their name in several languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and soon Russian)
- Many photos
- Audio commentaries activated when they take a photo of the animal
- The animal's habits by taking the quiz

In each world, the child's interest in the game is renewed by the different environments: the savannah, the jungle, the desert, etc.

Pricing and Availability
This game is available for free (Farm world) while complementary worlds can be added through the in-app purchasing system.
The "Dinosaurs and Pre-historic Animals" as well as the "Fairy Tales and Legends" versions will also be available soon.

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