Taps is small , quite particular about

Cheap Taps UK body is small, but in the home position can be described as decisive . If the faucet leaks or bad day use , will bring considerable inconvenience to family life , so choose a leader to pay attention to the following points:

The valve spool is in the heart of the Antique Taps . Better quality of the spool , with strong wear resistance , sealing and other characteristics. Unique "strong core technology" spool , lifelong life of more than 50 million times , 2.5 times higher than the hardness of the iron hard , close to the factory after the vacuum tightness test , solve the problem of leaking faucet dripping . Jazz home strong core technology that can enhance the durability of the tiles inside the spool 20% can be more than two years with similar products !

See the surface when purchasing , pay attention to the gloss surface , no glitches when hands touch, no holes, no oxidation spots , etc. is excellent. Quality Waterfall Taps coating uniformity, color smooth and delicate , long use remains bright as new. Grand home tap on the plating is plated with three layers , the first layer to enhance the adhesion of acid copper plating , the second layer to enhance corrosion resistance of nickel -plated , chrome plated third layer plays the role of aesthetics , international brands are also using these processes .

Feel better feel than the more smooth . MG -saving design furniture stalls Bathroom Sink Taps in the middle section has a resistance point , there will be a slight resistance when you lift the handle to remind water range from economic transition to a maximum quantity of water .Has control technology on the recommendation section faucet water faucet upload spool , low grades of high school functions: environmental flow of 15% , the economy and the large flow of water 58% to 100% water flow , users are free to choose , providing an extremely simple recipe for saving water .

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