Press Release: Speck Father-Daughter Duo Use Their Educational Expertise to Change the Lives of Children in the Four-States Area

Grand Opening at Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, August 28, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.! Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring opens in Joplin, MO.

At Above Grade Level we believe that every student is smart and can be successful academically.  Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring is so effective that the Specks guarantee students will progress by at least one grade level when using mastery programs.  Why the guarantee?  Tutors begin mentoring a student with a clear understanding of what the student needs.  That’s because the student has taken a third-party assessment that analyzes strengths and gaps in different content areas such as mathematics, for example.  Knowledge from the assessment allows Above Grade Level to customize a curriculum for the student.  So the tutor begins tutoring with a clear understanding of what the student needs to master a particular level of mathematics or other subjects.  The curriculum was developed by an international team of educational experts and the content is continuously revised and updated to ensure that a child receives the best instruction possible. Although there are various tutoring chains, Above Grade Level offers unparallel quality. 


Above Grade Level tutors are carefully selected to provide caring instruction.  A prime consideration for students who are struggling with a particular academic subject is positive reinforcement.  Above Grade Level tutors understand how important it is to praise students for their successes in tutoring.  Students gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed at school and in their future careers.  Tutors also help students with the math or English materials that they are currently studying in class, especially as students prepare for tests and quizzes. Parents won't have to drive their child around town or worry that the tutors aren't giving them enough personal attention.  Parents can be present during tutoring sessions.


Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring provides internationally proven in-home tutoring and academic enrichment programs based on over 30 years of experience in assisting students. Above Grade Level works with a wide variety of students, including those who want to maintain good grades, those who want to move ahead academically by engaging in challenging enrichment programs, and those who want to overcome academic difficulties at school.


The process begins with a FREE comprehensive online Skill Level Evaluation.  For more information visit


We look forward to changing the lives of students by providing in-home tutoring that works!


Dr. Bruce Speck

Dr. Bruce W. Speck has been a professional educator and university administrator for over 30 years. As a university professor and administrator, he has worked with P-12 school systems to promote student success, and his desire to help students be successful academically is a major reason he became a franchisee for Above Grade Level.


Prior to embarking on a career in higher education, Dr. Speck worked as a technical writer in industry and incorporated his industry experiences into the classroom when he taught business writing, technical writing, and freshman composition. He also designed and taught technical writing curriculum to international students. Dr. Speck has published numerous books and articles on topics ranging from the writing process (including generating ideas, drafting, peer reviewing, revising, editing, and formative and summative assessing), to ethical issues in teaching. Administratively, he has served in various higher education institutions as Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, and President. He is an expert in higher education and understands the skills P-12 students need to be effective as college students.


Rose-Marie Speck

Rose-Marie Speck earned an M.A. in English and has Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Certification. She has taught university, P-12, and gifted students and has worked overseas in South Korea and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most recently, she was the Coordinator for the English Language Institute at Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri, a program that prepares non-native speakers to successfully complete a college degree. Rose-Marie is currently completing her final year as a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas. She has a passion for learning, for diversity, and for helping people. Having been a student who needs tutoring herself, Rose-Marie is committed to providing students with the help that they need to feel confident and to do well in school.