Customer Focused Culture An Essential Part of Pest Control Equipment Industry Leader

June 10, 2015 - Phoenix, AZ -- Quality Equipment and Spray has long offered some of the best pest control equipment in the industry, focusing on high quality and custom builds at every turn. While their focus is often on execution to make their products succeed where others don’t, they’re just as focused on building a rapport with customers and educating them about how to get the best from their equipment.

After Sales Service

From the moment Andrew Greess took over at Quality Equipment and Spray, he knew that building a positive business culture had to be part of the equation.

“Good customer service means lasting benefits for the company. It doesn’t just mean repeat customers. It means bringing customers through the door that we’re invested in. We care what happens to their companies and what role our equipment plays in their day to day business,” said Greess.

Greess certainly created that culture immediately, meeting with many of the company’s pest-control clients within the first week of business to let them know he was there to offer better equipment that met their needs. It’s an approach not many companies use, but one that has made Greess an industry leader.

Personal Attention – Invader Pest Control

One of the many Quality Equipment and Spray clients is Phoenix pest control giant Invader Pest Control. Well known for their service throughout the area, Invader is a Quality Equipment and Spray customer all the way.

“I pretty much purchase all of my spray equipment from Quality Equipment and Spray. From my large spray rigs for weed control even down to bulb dusters and the small tools my guys use on a regular basis,” said Fred Willey, Invader Pest Control CEO.

Working with Quality Equipment and Spray means continually improved options and ongoing advice about how to maintain equipment and train technicians.

“Andrew specifically writes a lot of blogs in regard to how to check the equipment and that sort of thing. We tend to follow some of the input that he’s had. That’s definitely helped us a lot, just simply because some of his bullet points are very short, concise, and easy to follow. That means we’re not breaking down in the field, and there’s a great improvement there, and it saves us money” said Willey.  Quality Equipment also stocks replacement parts for every piece of equipment they sell so we avoid a lot of downtime that plagues other pest control companies.

Quality Equipment and Spray doesn’t just offer a complete catalog of the right equipment either. Instead, they offer services to help companies get the right tool for every job.

“I just explain the type of work I’m going to do, and Andrew will steer me in the right direction. He makes great recommendations on the equipment, and sometimes there’s extra knowledge that we may not know,” said Willey.

Service excellence requires more than many companies are willing to give, and Quality Equipment and Spray clearly understands how to make that possible.

About Quality Equipment & Spray

Quality Equipment & Spray is a leading manufacturer of high quality, custom pest control spray rigs & weed control power sprayers. For more information, contact Andrew Greess at 602.371.1993 or