Becoming a Courageous Leader: Learn to Ask the Right Questions

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By Cathy Horton, Founder of Renegade Brands

Management guru Peter Drucker wrote in one of his famous books that, “Leaders spend too much time trying to come up with the right answers, when they should instead seek to ask the right questions.” Drucker’s pearl of wisdom applies to leaders who wish to find the source of every problem and eliminate future issues.

Asking the right questions entails voicing open-ended points of discussion. Through engagement and conversation with those who are involved in the very heart and frontlines of your business or organizational team, you will hear patterns and trends that may be leading to the downfall of your organization. For many, this involves keeping an open mind and maintaining an open door policy, thus allowing individuals to seek you out during times of difficulty and crisis.

These patterns may include adhering to an archaic, outdated business process, thus sticking your team in a rut of commonality in a marketplace that demands exceptional performance and outstanding innovations. In addition, patterns may indicate a failure to communicate that often repeats itself, thus furthering and perpetuating a lack of productivity within your group.

Once you have asked the right questions to find the weakness in your organizational structure and processes, eliminate these downfalls and replace them with new and creative ways to do business that maximizes the contributions of the talented people within your organization.

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