Shopping for alternatives.’s list of over 100 banned substances helps shoppers eat clean

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, October 29, 2015 – Sifting through the shelves of the grocery store and knowing what additives and preservatives to watch out for is no easy chore. From its inception in 1997, has created a list of over 100 banned ingredients so that shoppers can feel comfortable knowing that what they are purchasing is free of dubious chemicals.

The largest speciality, natural online grocery store in North America, is passionate about great tasting, wholesome food in its purest form. Its food quality standards goes beyond just the ingredients, but takes into account where and how a product is grown and made.’s list of banned ingredients is reviewed regularly and comes from exhaustive, up-to-date research.

With the recently released report by the World Health Organization placing processed meat in Group 1 of its list of carcinogens, has named its top 5 list of products for those looking to find alternatives to ham, bacon, salami and sausages. has never carried products with added chemical nitrates or nitrites, and the team is constantly looking for ways that it can better its product quality standards, while still having the items that customers want. shoppers can trust that they are getting the best local, sustainable food available.’s list of healthy alternatives include:

Ocean Wise Wild Sockeye Salmon Lox by the Daily Catch Seafood Store - The Daily Catch’s Wild Sockeye Lox is cold smoked using no preservatives. This shopper favorite is often enjoyed on a bagel with cream cheese topped with capers. At Daily Catch, they strongly believe that they all have a responsibility to make sure that the seafood we take from our world's oceans is sustainable. Daily Catch is dedicated to doing its part by making sure everything they sell is not only a sustainable product, but also caught in a sustainable method, not harming the other species of sea life.

Organic Smoked Tofu by Soya Nova Tofu Shop - A bestseller, Soya Nova’s Organic Smoked Tofu is made on Salt Spring Island in small quantities using the traditional open-cauldron, slow cook method. Using only organic soybeans, nigari (natural magnesium chloride) and mineral-rich, chlorinated well water, the tasty tofu is slow cooked in an open cauldron, to produce some of the best tofu around.

Italian Sausages by Field Roast Grain Meat Co. - Authentically seasoned Field Roast sausages are juicy, firm but tender, packed with grains, vegetables, fruit and seeds and won't dry out after a few minutes on the grill. Developed by chef David Lee from Seattle, Field Roast uses only fresh, natural ingredients to craft all of its artisan offerings that are high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, and contain zero trans-fat and cholesterol.

Crispy Tenders by Gardein - Better than take out and ready in just eight minutes, Gardein’s Crispy Tenders are easy to cook and taste great. Made from a blend of non-GMO soy and wheat, organic ancient grains and vegetables, the award-winning Gardein offers tasty meatless, vegan and vegetarian foods, including burgers, meatless chicken, fishless fish and more.

Sockeye Salmon by Raincoast Trading - Raincoast Trading adheres to the highest sustainability standards when catching, processing and packaging its seafood. The company's seafood is single-cooked and packed in natural fish oils, which results in a rich, dense flavour and loads of extra nutrition typically not found in most canned seafood products.

About SPUD:

Founded in 1997 in Vancouver, Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. ( has expanded into the largest specialty natural online grocery company in Western Canada serving Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton. employs over 300 people across all markets and delivered fresh and local, organic produce and groceries to over a 100,000 households last year. Committed to creating healthier communities, one choice at a time,’s goal is to use its connection to local, organic food to help improve the places where we live and work. For more information, visit


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