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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA- 19th March, 2014: Fitness industry is experiencing a positive change with the growing demand for quality fitness centers. Till last decade, fitness industry was not successful as there was meager demand from various segments of population. Off late, people have realized the importance of healthy living. This has created a positive change towards quality fitness centers. Today majority of IT industries and top quality businesses are encouraging their staff to join in fitness club or gym to be fit and healthy. This trend has created great career opportunities for qualified fitness trainers. For a brief fitness career outlook, logon to

Today most of the professional fitness centers are recruiting qualified and certified trainers only. Due to this reason, personal trainer certification has become mandatory in majority of the fitness clubs. Personal trainer certification can be obtained from reputed sports institutes like NESTA. The advanced certification program includes various aspects of fitness industry like marketing, training, business and entrepreneurship along with sports science. This advanced certification course is accredited by top fitness organizations in US. The professional certification program includes cutting edge business skills that are helpful in expanding fitness business.

About NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

NESTA is a reputed and world renowned fitness institute known for professional certification programs. This institute has hundreds of branches across the globe with over 55000 memberships. They offer professional fitness trainer certification program to qualified trainers who wish to establish successful fitness trainer career. This is purely an online training program with instant access. Trainers can complete the program at their own pace either from office or home.

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