BeforeIDead iPhone App Released: BeforeIDead – Record Your Dreams

New York city, New York — Jan 12, 2014  – Every so often, a really simple yet useful app hits the market and that is definitely what Before I Dead brings to the market — simplicity and some really useful effectiveness.

Developed by sole developer Dubang Liu, Before I Dead is one of those useful concoctions that spawned as a result of personal need, inevitably translating into the most effective resource for the targeted market.

As progressively complex beings in a progressive society, those profound moments of clarity people go through can hit at the most inconvenient of times, like while one is traveling on a long-haul bus or train trip, or indeed if one is taken in by the beauty of some natural surroundings they may find themselves in, in some remote parts of their world. These moments of clarity inevitably lead to inspiration which manifests in the formation of some profound life dreams, some which are so precious that they need to be immediately recorded, written down or documented in some or other way.

Chances are your iPhone will be there with you as the dream formation takes shape, which is where the sheer usefulness and convenience of the Before I Dead app comes to the fore. Before I Dead is the ultimate resource to not only capture the manifesting dream with the use of words, but also capturing the essence of that dream’s inspiration, which could be in the form of something like some very beautiful scenery.

The app allows users to take a picture to be used as the background of their “Before I Dead” entry to be saved and archived, as visual cues can come in very handy to make for some powerful reminders of the conceived dream.

Life can undoubtedly get very busy or even take a turn for the worst, where one finds themselves stuck in a place where they cannot find any inspiration anywhere. A browse through some stored “Before I Dead” entries will come in very handy during such situations.

The app itself has a very colorful and unique interface to match the crisp delivery of functions and it is available for free download through the iTunes App Store.

Designed for the iOS7 platform, Before I Dead features functions such as the ability to easily add targets to each documented dream and set deadlines. It also allows users the freedom to update their progress regularly.

The current version (Version 1.17) is an extremely manageable download of only 3.6 MB, optimized to deliver great performance and efficient functionality, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 7.0 or later

This useful app fits perfectly into the lifestyle category of apps, with its background-picture capture setting lending some true essence to the process of keeping records of one’s dreams.

Before I Dead is for those who are serious about their desire to really make their dreams happen, aiming to serve as the ultimate reminder for lost or forgotten dreams.


Before I Dead is a nifty iPhone App which helps people record their life dreams.

Developed by sole developer Dubang Liu, Before I Dead is aimed at bringing some structure and order to the often chaotic life dreams organization process, allowing users to easily store their moments of clarity, modify their recorded dreams and manage them just as easily.

Before I Dead is available for the iOS platform, supporting the iOS7 operating system and it is available for free download on the iTunes Apps Store.


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