Sodium Borohydride Market in China Application & Forecasts adds "Sodium Borohydride Market in China Edition (2)" report to its research database. 

Sodium borohydride is a versatile water-soluble reducing agent exhibiting unique properties in organic synthesis. There are kinds of sodium borohydride: industrial grade and laboratory grade. Industrial grade can be produced by the Schlesinger route (with sodium hydride and trimethyl borate as raw materials) and the Bayer route.

In China, sodium borohydride is widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, intermediates, fine chemicals, electronic products, paper making, water treatment and perfume. Among them, pharmaceuticals is the largest application field showing a 73% share in volume in 2013, which is different from overseas markets where paper making is the dominant field. Its consumption in electronic products, paper making, water treatment and perfume is quite small. 

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The proportions of different application fields are showing some changes. Pharmaceuticals faced a small decline in volume share during 2009-2013, while the agrochemical and electronic industries are fast-growing. In the future, these two fields will be the promising applications of sodium borohydride in China.

Industrial affairs

The supply of sodium borohydride in China is superfluous at present, with just a 42.0% operating rate in 2013. Despite a steady increase in the past few years, the consumption volume of sodium borohydride in China is still small. As a result, there were no new entrants in the industry during 2010-2013.

Compared with 2003-2009, the production situation of sodium borohydride in 2010-2013 showed some differences. During 2010-2013, the capacity kept relatively stable at about 6,000 t/a with a CAGR of about 0.3%, which the corresponding growth rate in 2003-2009 was as high as 39.2%. In terms of output, it posted a CAGR of 25.9% in 2003-2009, which became merely about 8.8% in the past four years.

China's position

Currently, China is basically self-sufficient in sodium borohydride. Compared with its domestic output, the import volume is small. Many end-users in the country claimed that they use homemade sodium borohydride, which is able to meet their demand both in quality and price. Besides, China exports a small quantity of the product to overseas markets. 

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Purpose of report

CCM endeavours to provide market intelligence of the sodium borohydride industry in China, especially that in 2010-2013. This report has been made to reveal the market dynamics of the product, showing an in-depth analysis of its production and consumption information.

Applicable user

- Production/sales managers in sodium borohydride enterprises
- Investors who are interested in the sodium borohydride industry in China and its downstream industries

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