Capitol Spine And Rehabilitation In Baton Rouge Helps Hundreds Get Out Of Pain Fast

PRESS RELEASE: Baton Rouge LA, 06-JANUARY-2014 - Capitol Spine and Rehabilitation and Baton Rouge chiropractor team members, Dr. Gerald O. Bell and Dr. Latresia G. Broussard-Bell DC, are proud to announce therapeutic techniques that are effective in eliminating many types of painful conditions quickly. The methods used are non-invasive and do not recommend the use of pharmaceutical substances.

The Baton Rouge chiropractor team professionals explained recently to an interviewer, "Spinal health of inextricably linked to health throughout the body. It is crucial that the spinal column be correctly aligned in order to prevent pain in the surrounding nerves and soft tissue. Nerve compression can cause pain in the extremities and the head."

"Pain relief techniques" they continue, "incorporate many elements from the philosophy of chiropractics. A record of success in applying non-invasive therapeutic methods is demonstrated by patient reports. We design a care plan individually for each patient. The tailored plan is designed following a thorough examination of the data gathered about the patient."

The chiropractic team offers massage and spinal adjustment which expands the flow of blood to an injured area, bringing oxygen and nutrients. The increased circulation also improves the ability of the body to carry toxins and waste products to the liver and kidneys where they can be excreted.

Other elements of chiropractic medicine are focused on improving overall health. The chiropractor may recommend improved nutrition and exercise programs. Stress reduction techniques are intended to ease tense muscles. Poor posture is another element that can be corrected.

Learn more about the current techniques and methods for pain relief by checking out the web pages here at today. Members of the press and individuals who have more questions about the contents of this specific press release are invited to contact doctors Latresia and Gerald Bell at the location which follows.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Gerald O. Bell, DC and Latresia G. Broussard-Bell, DC

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