Platform launched for #overseas businesses to connect to #Indian SMEs

Connect group, leading solution provider in global trade, today launched smart and integrated platform for overseas businesses to find, connect and trade with verified Indian businesses. The leading edge platform provides a simple and safe channel for overseas SMEs to trade with India. It is the first and only integrated platform for India that provides holistic view, qualified leads, and complements those with unique business analytics, trade intelligence, expert resources and local presence in India to build a complete solution for SME needs.

Started by seasoned entrepreneurs in the global trade, enterprise software solutions, marketing and sales thought leaders - Connect2India (C2I) is removing the inefficiencies and complexities that plague international trade. With in-depth understanding of SME challenges, technological innovations, advanced data science, latest marketing and sales trends they established Connect2India - A platform by SMEs, of SMEs and for SMEs. Leadership team for C2I group comes from the top business and technology schools; London Business School, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania and IIIT Hyderabad.

Pawan Gupta, founder and CEO, started C2I with a single goal of serving the unmet needs of SMEs. While running his global trade business he started developing strategic long-term solutions for cost, complexity and risk associated with such ventures. Over the last couple of years he honed and tested the solutions and developed framework such that success can be replicated across verticals and geography. It’s difficult for Indian SMEs to scale globally because of challenges and complexities associated and today only 5% of total SMEs in India participate in international trade. Moreover, there is no easy and effective way for international small and medium businesses to connect & partner with their Indian counterparts.

International trade is a mammoth problem and solving part of the problem is inadequate. Rather than solving piece of the puzzle, C2I provides complete end to end solution designed specifically for overseas businesses to easily and effectively connect with Indian SMEs. It provides holistic outlook of trade counterparts (suppliers and buyers), verified businesses and qualified leads to alleviate the risk. Trade intelligence, local presence and expert resources ensure the ease of use of the platform.

The preview release of the platform was made available in August this year. Within 2 months of its public existence, it has created buzz in the media, achieved top search rank scores and has fast growing customer base. Connect2India is expanding worldwide at a fast pace with 5 worldwide offices (U.S, U.K, France, Germany and Belgium). The platform is now available for general public. It’s easy to get stated on the web site for free and advanced users can subscribe for extended features customized to their needs.

“Simplicity is bedrock of everything that we do here at Connect2India. The platform is build on the foundation of one stop shop for overseas SMEs. We want to enable extremely sophisticated functionality but even that is presented in easy to use manner. We also want to demystify the international trade market and open up the vast opportunity for both oversees SMEs and their counterparts in a safe and secure manner.We are excited to launch the platform that will catalyze the international trade for years to come” said Pawan Gupta founder and CEO of C2I.