Meeting is Exceeding!

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When conducting Customer Service Training, I usually begin every session by asking a minimum of 10 to 15 participants, “What’s important to you when you are the customer?”

The responses prove over and over again that every customer has a different expectation and when it is not met they walk away from that encounter dissatisfied.

Some of the answers are smile, acknowledge, be honest, personable, caring, etc. Nothing really exceptional comes from the feedback. It’s clear that people are simply looking for basic fundamental customer service.

The problem is that it’s uncommon for your expectations to be met when you are the buyer. Customers have learned to settle for less when it comes to service.

If you really want to exceed your customers’ expectations, simply start by meeting them, because in their eyes, meeting is exceeding their expectations. It does not take much to accomplish that goal.

MARVIN MONTGOMERY is an author, speaker and sales training consultant with more than 30 years of experience. You can ask the Sales Doctor a question at

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