Murder Mystery Texas Announces New Style Of Interactive Dinners Coming September At Dark Hour Haunted House

Matthew Boley - MMT PR C7

Plano, TX - Murder Mystery Texas is now proud to announce their new line of dinners that are going to be offered starting in September to the visitors that want a taste of the fun, fall and spooky gatherings that come with it. They’re expanding into a new form of entertainment, partnering with Dark Hour Haunted House for a different take on their murder mystery dinners. Murder Mystery Texas is excited for this change, as well as new story lines that guests can figure out while enjoying the new line of food offered by the ever-popular dining restaurant in Plano, Love and War in Texas.

Instead of the action taking place in a dining room, while being served a four course meal, guest interaction is raised to a new level as they follow evidence and try and crack cryptograms. Dinner is served buffet style, which is also a new avenue they are exploring.

The new dishes provided in buffet style are being prepared by Love and War. Serving authentic Tex-Mex dishes featuring steak and chicken fajitas along with a wide assortment of other specialties, Murder Mystery Texas looks to appeal to a new crowd to kick off their fall season. Rated 4 out of 5 stars through TripAdvisor, Love and War in Texas provides quality food and services.

According to Love and War in Texas, “Our new collaboration with Murder Mystery Texas is taking us to a whole new level of being able to provide our delicious dishes to those that come to watch and be a part of the show. In addition to this, we are excited to provide new dishes just for the fall season, as well as spooky appetizers that we’ve been developing just for this occasion.”

The owner states that with their ticket, “guests can enjoy delicious appetizers to start the mystery night off while the dinner course is a buffet style. The buffet is expected to attract a lot of attention due to the numerous offerings provided. Each one is going to be made by a master chef from the area, as well as providing an extensive selection to appeal every appetite.”

As with many other collaborations with previous vendors in the past years, Murder Mystery Texas is looking forward to a successful partnership with Love and War, as well as Dark Hour Haunted House. This three-way collaboration is excited to provide a unique choice for dining and entertainment in hopes of bringing in a new and bigger crowd for this new venture.

Since partnering with Dark Hour Haunted House, Murder Mystery writers, directors, and producers have created a totally new show, introducing supernatural themes and characters. The Murder Mystery Texas producers feel that by introducing a new cast of characters such as werewolves, witches, and vampires, they are keeping up with popular trends in entertainment. More information can be found at

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