ADORAtherapy® Introduces the Mood Boost™ Aromatherapy Collection to the Spa Industry at The Spa Buzz Southeast Regional Retreat

Savannah, Georgia – May, 2016 - Key buyers and innovators in the spa industry will be convening in Georgia May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the Southeast Regional Retreat event at the Brice Hotel in downtown Savannah. ADORAtherapy®, a leader in aromatherapy and essential oils committed to creating innovative products from premium organic, biodynamic and sustainably wild-crafted raw materials, will be one of the sponsors at The Spa Buzz offering buyers a chance to experience the mood altering, energy cleansing properties of ADORAtherapy® products.

Because the world of aromatherapy lies at the intersection of health and wellbeing, “Mood Boosts™” sprays and oils made from pure, eco-friendly ingredients offer an opportunity to build on the stress-relieving, health-promoting nature of the spa experience. Organic, handcrafted, sustainably harvested essential oils when blended into aromatherapy products have the ability to bring positive energy to an environment and refresh and revitalize a space, enhancing the effects of spa treatments.

“There is a powerful connection between scent and the limbic system, and its intimate involvement with memory and the range of emotional response,” says Adora Winquist, the founder and formulator at ADORAtherapy®. “I like to think of our product as feng shui in a bottle. They have the power to literally change your mood, your mind and your life.”

“Our products are the perfect compliment to a spa experience” says Laura McCann Ramsey, President of Adoratherapy. “Our chakra mood boosts™ oils and Good Mood Boost™ room sprays, when introduced at treatment time, create and opening and closing ceremony for the senses. These products make wonderful personal gift items and will anchor the spa experience long after the treatment. We are pleased to introduce our products directly to the Spa Industry at Spa Buzz.”

An experienced and talented energy healer and aromatherapist, Adora is sought out for her unique intuitive coaching. Her training in vibrational medicines, Reiki, gem and flower essences, aromatherapy, and essential oils and her degrees from Rutgers University, the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, make Adora a leader in natural healing industry.

Products are currently available in select retailers including Whole Foods.

About ADORAtherapy®

Since 2015, ADORAtherapy® has supported the quest for stress reduction, personal growth, and overall health and wellness with a vast selection of premium aromatherapy products. ADORAtherapy®, an innovative aromatherapy formulator, provides targeted natural aromas designed to Boost Your Mood. Anytime. Anywhere. Good Mood Boost™ sprays, Gal on the Go™ natural fragrances and Chakra Boost™ roll-ons are the next evolution of aromatherapy personal care products. The collection offers the versatility and portability of expertly formulated 100% pure aromas that lift and shift your mood in the moment, and support the creation of new habit patterns designed to empower healthy lifestyle choices.

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Contact: Laura McCann Ramsey