Vietnam's Fusion Art of Music Goes To The World First Time

For the first time in Vietnam’s musical history, an unprecedented cultural experience through the Fusion art of music by blending traditional folk, pop and symphonic music will come in play and debut on July 12 and July 15 at St. Petersburg, Russia.


After its much sought success at the Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City last January 29, 2016, Mr. Nguyễn, Hùng Nguyễn, Chairman of OSSSO Company Limited and the man behind the successful OSSSO Fusion Musical Experience decided to stage this show for music and culture lovers abroad kicking off first in Russia through a Vietnam Cultural Exchange Festival.


“It is about time that the world would see and hear what and how Vietnam music has evolved and can evolve into. Vietnam, having 54 ethnic minorities preserves a century deep and timeless culture, customs, rituals and music. This traditional folk music is a priceless treasure and an endless inspiration for generations. We want to showcase an innovation and blend of traditional music transformed into a unique, bright, impressive symphonic music blending modern, pop music”, Mr. Hùng Nguyễn said.


The OSSSO Fusion team, composed of twenty five talented Vietnamese artists, as well as, renowned musicians and artists like composer Tran Manh Hung, musician Nguyen Hoang Kim Quang, musician Tran Vuong Thach, stage director Tat My Loan, sound engineer Nhat Ly and artist Cao Ho Nga and the Red Sun Band, with special participation of world-famous conductor Marius Stravinsky. The team travelled from North to South of Vietnam to collect original traditional music rhythms, documented and studied countless records of traditional music and instruments.


Mr. Tran Manh Hung, composer, said, “It has been very challenging blending Western music with Eastern musical colors but this is a phenomenal breakthrough for Vietnamese to move to a new era of art and culture development, in which traditional music becomes a fertile field for musicians to exploit and develop in diverse ways.”


This OSSSO Fusion Musical Experience is something truly worth remembering and every Vietnamese people must take pride of for the generations to come. This musical experience kicks off in Russia and then to the rest of the world.


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