ZWSOFT Introduces New 3D Product Design Software for Medical Animation & Mold Design Industry

Guangzhou, P. R. China, April 05, 2014: China based ZWSOFT believes that 3D product design software can empower the excellent designs of professionals in their industry. Therefore, ZWSOFT offers ZW3D, 3d product design software, helping designers with their unique product development projects to enhance their business prospects.

Today, every business strives to offer custom-made products to their customers.ZWSOFT has now released 3D software for medical animation which is used by some of the leading players in the medical industry. One of its customer, Guidant Corp., modeled the shape of a human heart using ZW3D software. It allows doctors to study and understand the complex structure of the heart and its various components. Bringing a practical approach to learning and solutions development, it can safeguard humans from cardiac diseases.

More customer cases can be found on ZWSOFT’s website, helping people understand the usability and efficiency of ZW3D. For example, Hardware Labs improved the design and machining cycle to boost productivity and provide better value to their customers. With the convenient CAD/CAM user interface of ZWSOFT’s 3d CAD Software for Mold Design Industry, Hardware Labs optimized their productivity and increased their efficiency by at least 50%.

These customer cases help users realize the importance of introducing ZW3D to different industries. The objective of providing ZW3D is to empower industry players with a more feature-rich and practical solution. This solution can help them create innovative products. In today’s competitive world, companies are under tremendous pressure to create products that can be tailor-made according to the customer’s needs. Using ZWSOFT’s software and solutions, a company can plan and conceive better designs and models. People interested to learn more about ZWSOFT customer stories can follow the link Testimonials.


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