Mr. Malibu & John Paul DeJoria Unite for Innovation to Clean Ocean

MALIBU, CA - Mr. Malibu and Malibu philanthropist & billionaire John Paul DeJoria talk about the challenges of cleaning up the oil spills that even happened almost 30 years ago in Alaska with the Exxon Valdez, then to the Gulf oil spill, and on to the recent large oil spills in Santa Barbara.

"People running down to save the wildlife were turned away because 'it is too toxic' - BUT WHAT ABOUT THE POOR DOLPHINS AND OTHER SEA LIFE THAT ARE DYING?" says John Paul.

Mr. Malibu is proposing a wide spread social media campaign to urge, insist, and demand that the oil companies finally unite to use the Power of Innovation to find new clean energy and put an end to fossil fuel use.  Over one billion cars a day are burning toxic poisonous gasoline into the air we breathe.  The earth simply cannot survive this grievous assault on the ecosystem.  

John Paul says we all can really make a difference if we join together for a good cause.  Mr. Malibu brings up the fact that the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant only 190 miles from Malibu is built on an earthquake fault line and only designed to withstand a 7.5 earthquake.  John Paul was flabbergasted to hear about this and said quite directly "STOP IT! This is STUPID!"  Stupid indeed if it destroys the entire West Coast of the United States.

An upcoming event in Malibu is planned to raise awareness.  Stay Tuned.