Chicago’s Oliver Ford announces "Always Alone" single, teams with DGainz for music video

Fashion designer and songwriter/producer brings us a twisted excitement with high-energy, indie-fueled release.

Los Angeles, CA - March 8, 2016 -- Fashion designer and songwriter/producer Oliver Ford has announced the release of his new single and video, "Always Alone." Written, produced and performed by Ford, "Always Alone" highlights the signature style of the Chicago-native who is known for his exclusive wearables on the runway and his distinct musical sound in the city’s underground music scene.

Directed by DGainz, one of Chicago’s most sought-after film directors, "Always Alone," is an anthemic song in which Oliver Ford’s rocker vocals add to track’s pop/rock appeal. Shot in (Los Angeles and Chicago's Sears Tower), the high-energy, synthpop Always Alone crosses multiple musical genres as Ford also drops a few lyrical verses before the chorus kicks back in.

"Always Alone" can be streamed on Soundcloud at The official music video is now available on Youtube.

"The record speaks to the paradox between how alone we all really are, yet how we're all in this together."
- Oliver Ford 

In addition to his music, Ford’s custom apparel has quickly caught on in the city’s nightlife scene. With most of his garments consisting of clean lines and white/black contrast, the lush overall feel of Ford’s all organic (rayon and bamboo blends), high-end brand offers a luxuriously simple approach to everyday pieces like sweatshirts, tees and dresses. 

Oliver Ford will debut his new swimsuit line at The Newport Beach Fashion Week on March 18 at Sutra Night Club in Los Angeles. 

About Oliver Ford

Oliver Ford got his start making custom clothing for underground musicians and socialites in downtown Chicago. He was always heavily involved in music and often co-produced songs with now famous DJs and songwriters. After teaming up with Chicago hip hop legend Dgainz, he started to release music videos to accompany songs entirely written, produced and performed by him. Oliver Ford events continue to be the most sought after parties in Chicago.

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