– All-natural offering fulfills demand in fastest growing pet grooming segment –

STERLING, Ill. (March 15, 2016) – Pet owners are embracing the all-natural trend that Wahl, a leader in the pet grooming category, has introduced to the market. Since launching their all-natural pet grooming products, the company has quadrupled sales, growing from what began as a few shampoos into a complete line of deodorants, odor neutralizers, waterless shampoos and more. Including Wahl’s All-Natural Pet Wipes, which deliver a new level of convenience for those seeking safe alternatives to pet care.

Wahl has become the fastest growing pet grooming brand and the company’s commitment to developing all-natural products for today’s more discerning pet owners is one reason why. Another reason is Wahl understanding that today’s pet owners also demand safety, and convenience.

“It goes without saying that today’s owners want what’s best for their pets, but they also want easy, fast solutions to keep their pets healthy and happy,” said Shay Moeller, product manager for Wahl’s Home Pet Division.

“We don’t always have time to bathe our pets as often as we would like. That’s what makes convenient options such as Wahl’s all-natural waterless pet wipes so popular. They’re not only safe to use, but they help owners keep their pets clean without the time commitment and fuss,” added Moeller.

In addition to All-Natural Pet Wipes, Wahl’s line of convenient and all-natural pet hygiene products include:

·         All-Natural Pet Shampoos – The line contains seven specially formulated options, each free of harsh detergents and toxic chemicals. They offer easy lathering and rinsing capabilities that eliminate dirt without stripping the coat of natural oils.

·         All-Natural Waterless Shampoos – A new alternative to baths, this foaming agent goes straight to the source to remove top-level dirt and odors. Users simply distribute the foam through their pet’s fur and then towel or brush them off.

·         All-Natural Doggie Deodorant – A fresh approach to keeping pets smelling good, Wahl’s Doggie Deodorant is made from plant-derived ingredients and alcohol free, making it safe for spraying directly onto pets to eliminate odors.

·         All-Natural Odor Neutralizer – This spray is designed to remove odors straight from the source. So, not only can it be used on pets, it can also be sprayed on bedding, furniture, carpeting or wherever odors are lurking.

Wahl’s all-natural hygiene products are made in the U.S.A. and available at select retailers nationwide for an MSRP between $6.99 and $8.99. For more information about Wahl pet products, visit or follow Wahl Pets on Facebook and Twitter. Retailers interested in more information about Wahl products should call (815) 625-6525.

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