Five Elements to Look for in a VBS

Saint Louis, MO—In this day and age, our culture is rife with messages about self-esteem, dealing with bullies, and fitting in. Rather than focusing on societal woes, personal problems or labels, Concordia’s VBS concentrates on Christ and His Word. 

“VBS should be a safe haven for kids, where everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord and all are loved and welcomed. Kids don’t need more labels—they need Jesus,” says Jessica Stetson, experienced VBS leader and Christian educator.

Stetson suggests that when selecting a VBS, you should look for these five elements: 

  • Volunteer friendly. VBS is a big job so Concordia designs a curriculum that makes it easy to plan, prepare, and produce a VBS. Supply lists, scripts, “how-to” videos, daily devotions, appreciation ideas, and a dedicated volunteer webpage all help the Director lead and support everyone involved in putting on a successful VBS.   
  • Law/Gospel, Christ-centered lessons. Each VBS lesson should focus on Jesus, rather than concluding the program with a single climactic revelation. VBS competes with a lot of summer activities resulting in spotty attendance at times. Some kids may only show up for a few days so it’s vital that each lesson presents the Gospel message. That’s another benefit of Concordia’s Law/Gospel focus: salvation through Jesus is present in every lesson.
  • Biblical theme. The theme should be pulled from the Bible. Concordia’s VBS starts with God’s Word—so it’s a real theme from the real Bible about a real Savior. Identifying a biblical theme that is relevant with kids today helps them connect current times with biblical times. Bring kids into the Word and His Word will meet them where they are.
  • Correct Scriptural context. Some VBS curriculum craft Scripture to fit cultural issues instead of using the correct historical and biblical context. With Concordia’s VBS, leaders can be assured that great care is taken with the application of Scripture for Bible lessons.
  • Engaging, enriching content. If VBS focuses solely on fun, what value is left when the ‘entertainment’ is gone? Far from being boring, Concordia’s VBS makes learning interactive with storytelling—where kids dress up and get involved in the story! Concordia’s engaging Bible challenge, crafts, and snacks provide a fun, active, responsive way to memorize and reinforce the Scripture. And the music has tunes that even the 10 year old boy will enjoy!

“VBS is about sharing the Good News of Jesus,” says Stetson, “That, ‘while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.’ With Concordia’s VBS curriculum, regardless of what issues the child is dealing with, every day children leave VBS knowing the Savior and that His name is Jesus.” 

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