Paperless Consent & Approval forms for schools

Mobile technology, cloud computing, and electronic signatures revolutionized the office world, allowing them to increase productivity and cut costs by reducing reliance on paper. These technologies have the same potential to help school systems by allowing them to go paperless. Web forms can allow fast, reliable exchanges of information and approval, streamlining communication with parents, employees, students and community.

Permission slips and more

Online forms with e-signatures make getting parental consent quick and easy. Instead of sending paper copies of permission slips home, parents can simply sign consent forms electronically even on their mobile phone and route them back to the school. No more keeping up with stacks of permission slips or dealing with situations involving lost or misplaced forms.

Educators can also use electronic, mobile forms for other paper documents like emergency contact forms and allow parents to fill out the form and make changes as needed.

Streamlining approvals

Web forms and approval workflows can also make purchase orders, reimbursement applications and other routine necessities easier and paper-free. School system personnel can fill out required forms online and they submit them for approval via a convenient workflow process.

Web forms also allow school systems to go paperless with many HR-related forms. For example, HR directors can automatically generate W-4s and other employment-related forms for employee onboarding purposes.

In today’s world, everyone has a mobile device. A key benefit of online forms is that they can be accessed from mobile devices. This means principals and administrators can sign off on important approvals anytime and anywhere and important business processes are completed faster.

Stretching budgets

Paper is currently a huge expense for school districts; a mid-size district can easily spend over 200,000 USD on paper annually. By using mobile forms to reduce reliance on paper, schools can realize significant savings on printing and paper costs. Going paperless also frees up storage space, as fewer filing cabinets are needed to store paper documents. In addition to reducing these costs, using mobile forms also boosts productivity. Submitting and tracking forms is quicker and easier online. Errors are also reduced, as it is tougher to misplace or lose a document online. Schools can save time & money while at the same time helping the environment by reducing reliance on paper.

More school systems are forced to do more with less these days, as 35 states are providing less funding for schools than they did prior to the Great Recession. Reducing paper costs and boosting productivity can help school systems more effectively stretch tight budgets, making online forms an important innovation for schools.

Company Bio

Frevvo provides easy-to-use, cloud-based software for mobile web forms and approval workflows that are easily customizable and provide real solutions for all types of businesses and educational organizations. With the ability to access, sign and route important documents from anywhere, businesses and other organizations can greatly increase productivity and cut costs.