Embodied Love: Online Class Explores Union of Masculine and Feminine Within will host Dr. Jodine Turner in a free preview of the Adorata Virtues Course, the mystical path of embodied love. The preview will be held as a teleconference on Saturday July 26 at 10 a.m. Pacific time as an introduction for the eight-month class that begins August 9.

Adorata, Latin for Beloved, is a body of teachings and a spiritual path that unites a Divine Feminine based spirituality with a new archetype of Divine Masculine spirituality, to create embodied love, the alchemy of sacred union within your body and heart. Founded and developed by mystic, artist, teacher, and humanitarian, Tiziana DellaRovere, Adorata imparts mystical, sensory, and practical teachings of love. The Adorata Course is an Initiation into the Sacred Marriage within and the embodiment of love.

Embodied love enhances is your capacity to give love and be loved, in all of love's forms. It comes through harmonizing your inner female and inner male. It lives in our hearts and is rooted in every cell of our body.

The Adorata Virtues are the foundational stepping-stones to embodying love. They are archetypal attributes of the Divine Feminine.

CSource founder, Di Wolverton, said, "I am very pleased to host the Adorata course. It is so important for the healing of humanity. We all have wounds—and even though we may be unaware of it, these wounds can create in our psyches negative patterns that cause us later pain, confusion and affect our capacity to give and receive love. That's why the work of mystic, artist and humanitarian Tiziana DellaRovere is so important. This is system of spiritual practice that enables us to break through the crystallized patterns, and bring love in to our bodies through the alchemical sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine."

Students in the course will read the sacred text and prose, participate in meditations, dance, ritual, art, insightful exercises and introspection, as well as incorporating practical suggestions in applying the Virtues in their daily lives. They will also learn the powerful Adorata Meditation, which is the mainstay of the Adorata system.

The Adorata Virtues Course instructor, Dr. Jodine Turner is a certified Adorata Practitioner, having undergone a five year training program taught by Tiziana DellaRovere. She is also a best selling author of the Visionary Fiction series, Goddess of the Stars and the Sea – a mystical adventure about facing our deepest pain and transforming it through the power of embodied love. Jodine has a doctorate degree in counseling, and brings her multi-faceted experience to the coursework, to teach people practical ways to embody love.

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“The sixteen Virtues are the pillars of My heart. Stand strong among these pillars and 

you will build your own temple of Sacred Union.”

~ from Adorata: the Path of Enlovement