Upward Motion Personal Training Announces Shockwave and Indo-Row Group Training Classes Offered to Clients for 2014

Upward Motion Personal Training, a boutique personal training studio in Albuquerque open since 2008, has offered group training classes since the company was founded. To that end, the types of classes offered have been changed by the company multiple times, with the company bringing the latest technology and fitness techniques to its clients whenever possible. The latest group training programs being offered by the company are as follows:

·  Shockwave - Dubbed by the media as "the most efficient total-body workout in the world," ShockWave is extreme cross-training at its best! This circuit challenge utilizes a specially designed WaterRower machine to provide short-burst, high-intensity, calorie-torching intervals along with functional strength and sculpting stations designed to target and chisel the legs, the core and the arms.

·  Indo-Row - In an Indo-Row class, clients are truly part of a team. Participants pull for others creating a team atmosphere.  Anyone can do it. It is easy to learn and
participants can determine how intense to exercise. Indo-row involves using the entire body in a rhythmic, yet powerful motion. In Indo-Row participants never
feel "beat up" afterwards, just invigorated. During Indo-Row classes participants hear and feel the sound of being on the water with the patented Indo-Row machine. Indo-Row allows participants to get as close as imaginably possible to feel what it’s like to being on the water and pulling with a crew without getting wet! In Indo-Row participants are learning a new activity (rowing), which for so long has been a sport for the elite. Now everybody can reap its benefits.

About Upward Motion Personal Training:

Upward Motion Personal Training is a personal trainer studio offering customized personal training workout programs, small group training classes, Shockwave Group Training, Indo-Row Group Training and the Upward Motion Personal Training’s Y.E.S. To Success Program. The company’s workout studio is located at 336 Adams St SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Upward Motion Personal Training
Founder and Director: Luis Alvidrez
336 Adams St SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
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