Clean & Clear cuts Prices on Undersink Water Filters

Clean & Clear, Australia’s purification specialists, provides more value for money to its customers with a new offer. The company is offering discounted prices on undersink filters – complete with installation and other freebies.

[Sydney, June 19, 2014] – Clean &Clear, the source of perfect home filtration solutions in Sydney, slashes the prices of their undersink water filters. Through this offer, customers get more value for money and enjoy clean water at the same time.


Dropped prices

Clean & Clear understands that the best deals are those that provide more value for every dollar spent. This is the reason the company has decided to drop its prices on undersink filters. The Gold series, which is the company’s number one seller, is now available for prices with discounts of hundreds of dollars.

The 2014 model COMPACT 3-stage undersink water filter standard carbon has dropped to $135 from its initial price of $449. Another product, the Standard 3-stage undersink filter, is now at $129 only, from $449, as well. The 2014 model COMPACT 3-stage undersink filter with powerful filtering stages is now only at $210.

Clean &Clear also offers a couple of freebies for those who would purchase these undersink filters. On top of the default lifetime warranty and free installation of these products, customers also get a free bench top water cooler and a free designer tap.


Efficient products

Undersink filters are effective pieces of equipment in ensuring the cleanliness of water in both residential and commercial settings.

What makes Clean & Clear’s products stand out is the distinct three-stage process that each product employs to achieve clean, potable water. The stages are as follows:

·         First stage: Removal of 99.9% of impurities and trihalomethanes through the ceramic sterasyl filter,

·         Second stage: Removal of 99.9% of metals through the super block carbon cartridge, and

·         Third stage: Efficient layering of coconut shell carbon to guarantee outstanding taste.

Through this effective process, customers can be sure that their drinking water is clean and potable. All Clean & Clear products are original and come with a legitimate certification on their efficiency.


About Clean & Clear

Clean &Clear, the go-to brand of Australians for quality water filtration solutions, has over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company buys straight from the manufacturers of their products to ensure that every item is perfectly reliable while also carrying the best price around.

Customers who wish to know more about the company and its product line may visit for information.