Strict Air Pollution Control Regulations and Environmental Policies by Governments to Boost the Air Quality Control Market

Air quality control is one segment attracting significant investments and developments to meet the demand from various sectors. Social policies have been started by governments to encourage air quality control practices, which will help reduce hazardous environmental effects. Several new regulations have been introduced to regulate harmful industrial emissions in developing countries. Ever-changing regulations make it mandatory for the industrial players to install and upgrade the flue gas treatment systems in their plants.

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Electrostatic Precipitator Market: 
Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) are used to remove particles from flowing gas. The induced electrostatic charge is used by electrostatic precipitators to collect the flowing gas and then remove it. Large gas volumes with wide range of inlet temperatures, pressures, dust volumes, and acid gas conditions are handled by ESP systems. These systems can collect particles both in dry and wet states with a collection efficiency as high as 99%. The demand for ESP systems will remain constant in the years to come for major applications.

Fabric Filters Market: 
The particulate matter from the flue gas is harmful if directly emitted in the atmosphere; it is filtered with a fabric filter using a layer of fabric. These filters can withstand particulate matter of high temperature and size. These are dry collecting devices used for removing heavy metals and gases. Due to the new severe air codes and ecological laws, the utilization of fabric filters is increasing quickly. With the current surge in oil discovery and unconventional resources exploratory activities, the fabric filter market is set to continue its increasing trend.

Nitrogen Oxide Control Systems Market: 
Nitrogen oxides (NOx) belong to the poisonous gas family. These gases are formed when highly reactive gases are burnt at high temperatures. Sources like power plants, industrial boilers, and turbines emit NOx pollutants. Catalytic reduction and selective non-catalytic reduction are the techniques used to reduce NOx emission. The major applications of NOx control system are in coal-fired power generation, gas turbines, incinerators, and industrial power.

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