MULBERRY LEARNING CENTER FRANCHISE - Dedicated to Building Progressive Curriculums

Mulberry Learning Center is established in Australia, Singapore and China. Due to the frequent requests by parents and partners to share the Mulberry methodology, the Mulberry Learning Center Management has taken great pains to document their methodology and develop a system that would allow a partner to operate and manage a Mulberry Learning Center via a franchise system.


Mulberry is dedicated to providing high quality education for our children. We are absolutely dedicated to selecting and training teachers to deliver consistent high standards of teaching.

Key Curriculum Features

Mulberry helps children build skills in creative and cumulative ways. They apply these skills in the projects they are investigating; which are child led, purposeful and meaningful in their context.

Franchisees have access to Mulberry Learning Center Franchise System

·         Training Methodology

·         Electronic Portfolio

·         Center Operations Management on a dashboard through the Mulberry Online Portal

·         Online Resource Library for Teaching and Learning Materials

·         Recruitment methodology – Inventory and leads Management Software

·         Constant update of Curriculum - Access to fresh and new material for project  based learning system

·         Become a part of a Strong Education Focused Group – Global Edu Hub

·         Access to integrated enrichment programs

Being a part of the Mulberry Learning Center Franchise gives franchisees access to a larger operating and marketing platform. Chances of success in franchise management increase when a franchise system is managed by an experienced management team, supported by strong backend R&D.

To become a part of the Mulberry Learning Center Franchise, please contact