Audio Mystery Shopping: Tips and Tricks

Audio mystery shopping is a great job for experienced mystery shoppers who want to take their mystery shopping experiences to the next level. If you’re a mystery shopper who is interested in learning more about the trade, contact Measure CP to learn more about audio mystery shopping. As a mystery shopper with Measure CP, you will provide mystery shopping services for customer feedback within retail, online and in the workplace. Audio mystery shopping is a fantastic way to give business owners a crystal-clear perspective of what the customer experience is like at their place of business. As an experienced audio mystery shopper, you will become a business owner’s customer service advocate.

With audio mystery shopping, it’s important that you are very discreet.   Here are some tips you can use to avoid being noticed as an audio mystery shopper. First, make sure your audio recording equipment is well hidden. You want the microphone, any wires and the recording device to go completely unnoticed. Try on your audio mystery shopping equipment in a mirror, and even take pictures of yourself so that your appearance doesn’t arouse suspicion. Another tip to avoid being spotted is to avoid shopping at the same place in succession. That way, staff is less likely to suspect that you’re critiquing their performance, and you’ll receive more genuine customer service as a result.

Audio mystery shopping also helps with the possibility of giving inconsistent feedback to the business client. Even the most experienced mystery shoppers can have trouble keeping all their findings straight, especially if the mystery shopping experience is more complex in nature. Audio mystery shopping is the answer to this challenge. By having an audio recording available of the mystery shopping trip, any questionable responses or experiences can be cleared up by closely listening to the audio recording.

The great thing about audio mystery shopping is that Measure CP will ensure that before you go on an audio mystery shopping assignment, you’re fully prepared to perform above and beyond expectations. We’ll train you so that you have absolutely no doubts about the business you’re visiting, the information you’re gathering, or the insights the business owner is hoping to gather. If you’re considering upping your mystery shopping game to includeaudio mystery shopping, contact Measure CP today to learn more.