Gas Safety Incidents Caused By Poor Inventory Management

Gas Safety?

We all share a common feature - we prefer to believe nothing bad can happen to us, until it does. Gas inventory management is by no doubt of a huge importance to our daily life, but without responsible gas board regulations, disaster might strike. If we do not comply with gas safety rules and standards, terrible consequences might take place. The United states of America and the United Kingdom are among the countries, where such events happen most often. Poor property inventory management is one of the main reasons


This list of some of the worst gas safety incidents in Britain since the year 2004, will make you think twice of your property and all its inventories.


June 10st 1999 - Bellingham, London

"A terrible disaster took 3 lives near Bellingham"

  A pipeline rupture near Bellingham, led to 3 deaths. Poor gas safety regulation caused series of errors and malfunctions. Because of loose inventory management, more than 40 persons got severe injuries .

May 11st 2004 - Glasgow

"Plastic factory suffers after skipping gas safety certification"

  The Stockline Plastics Factory in Glasgow was almost destroyed by a huge gas explosion. The cause of ignition was found to be a leak from an old ruptured pipe. Nine people were killed and 37 were injured. Evidence has shown that gas safety installation and use regulations were not followed.

December 11th 2005 - Hemel HempsteadHertfordshire

The Buncefield fire 

  It is one of the biggest gas safety incidents in the history of the United Kingdom. A small leak, caused by irresponsible inventory management, led to a sequence of massive explosions. The accident happened at the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal near M1 motorway. The British Geological Survey monitored the event and measured it as 2.4 on the Richter scale. Nearby buildings were immediately evacuated. Because of the blast, a lot of the buildings had their structure damaged badly. Some were too unstable and had to be rebuilt. The local gas board provided obligatory advice. 

October 28th 2013 - London 

"Two lost their life after a three properties have collapsed due to expired gas safety certificates"

  Two lost their live and another two have been taken to the hospital. A man in his 40s and later a another body of a woman have been found buried beneath ashes and debris. The chief of the fire department reported a very substantial explosion, which resulted in the devastation of three properties with all their inventories. All were near a busy road and things could have been way worse. The London Fire Brigade investigated what happened. Gas safety certificates of all three properties were in need of additional renewal. Such accidents are both landlord and tenants' fault. The absence of property inventory control can be fatal. 

April 26th 2013 - Pimlico, London

  This video clip has captured one out of a three fire bursts, caused by a gas leak. You can see how an unsuspecting pedestrian escapes by chance. No property should rely on luck when it comes down to gas safety standards. Every inventory manager must do gas certificate renewal on a regular basis.

October 5th 2013 - South London

"Man dies in south London gas incident"

A dry cleaning shop turned into a prison of flames on that date. A man lost his life because of the massive fumes of fire."Gas safety installation and use regulations were not followed" authorities say.

The fire was so strong that firefighters could not get in. The rest of the building was evacuated immediately. 

June 21st 2014 - Geraint Road, Bromley

"30 firefighters tackle house blaze"

  More than five fire engines responded to an alarm in a semi-detached house in Geraint Road, Bromley. Crews from Lee Green, Eltham, Bromley, Lewisham and Lambeth fire stations flew as fast as they can at the spot of the incident. The cause of fire is under investigation but an old stove without a valid gas certificate was considered to be the main object of suspicion. This is a clear example of bad inventory management.

In the period between 1994 and 2013, the U.S. Has experienced 745 incidents because of poor inventory control. the result are 278 fatalities and 1059 injuries. Property and inventory damage sum up to $110,658.083.


August 20st 2000 - New Mexico

  Five adults and another five children lost their life because of a pipeline explosion in New Mexico. Two other were left in a critical condition. The unfortunate victims camped under a bridge, that carried the gas pipeline. The explosion left a 86 feet crater, 46 feet wide and 20 feet deep. The gas blast was visible from more than 20 miles away.

May 24th 2004 - Renton, Washington

  A hole with the size of a peephole, caused by the lack of responsible property inventory management, unleashed thousands of gallons of gas near the Westfield Shoppingtown South center in Renton, Washington. Three firefighters were sent to the hospital and later lost their lives. Official authorities point out loose property inventory control as the main reason for the disaster. The Service provider was sent to court.

September 9th 2010 - San Bruno, California

  The lack of proper gas safety control led to a pipeline blast in San Bruno, California. Eyewitnesses report there was "a wall of fire more than 1,000 feet high". The initial blast was caused by an old gas oven, which turned out to be without a valid certificate. It became the reason for a chain of explosions and the death of 14 victims. Tens more were injured.

December 12th 2012 - West Virginia

  A transition line exploded and leveled 4 houses. A huge section of f I-77 was literally wiped out. Later the West Virginia Public Gas Board released several pages of gas safety violations done by Columbia Gas. More than 40 families suffered the consequences of the accident. 

February 11th 2014 - Tioga, North Dakota

  A Hiland Company gas safety problem caused an explosion about six miles south of Tioga, North Dakota. It claimed the life of 12 victims and left more than 30 injured. The local gas board issued huge fines for the company.

"Safety rules were not followed as they should have" officials say.

February 20th 2014 - Highway 76, Wisconsin

  The lack of gas safety management led to two flattened homes, three burned barns and 4 lifes lost. The incident was 100 feet away from Highway 76. Buried 30 feet underground, it left a 60 foot crater. Columbia Gulf, part of NiSource's Columbia Pipeline Group, is responsible of the largest underground storage system in North America. The whole inventory management department was fired. A vast amount of law suits were filed over the lack of regular corporate property inspections and maintenance.

March 14th 2014 - Fremont, Nebraska

  A Northern Natural Gas Company transition pipe erupted near the intersection of county roads 20 and 0. A company spokesman said:

"In the summer you can tell if you've got a gas leak by vegetation, sometimes it dies in the ground."

The investigation showed that the company pipeline inventory management has not done any inspections in the region for a couple of years. Officials state 5 emplyees have lost their lives. 

May 26 2014 - Warren, Minnesota

  A Viking gas safety incident was the reason of an explosion near Warren, Minnesota. It was described as"hell on еarth". The ground was shaken as if it was hit by an earthquake and a fireball was shot over 100 feet in the air. Roads within a two-mile radius were blocked off. Authorities blame poor gas safety management as the main reason of the tragedy. The local gas board has issued a precise report.

"There was still frost in the ground and the soil was wet" inspectors say.


History has shown that regular gas certificate renewal is a must for both home and industry consumers. Bad maintenance and irresponsible gas usage often lead to fatal endings. Gas safety rules and regulations are there for a reason and compliance is a key inventory management responsibility.