PTFE Market Poised to Reach $2,114.7 Million by 2018

The report, "PTFE Market, by Form, by Application, by End Industry, by Geography - Trends & Forecasts to 2018," defines and segments the global PTFE market with an analysis and forecasting of the global consumption volume and value.

PTFE is a fast growing fluoropolymer. The material is commercially available in four widely classified forms, namely granular/molded, fine powder, aqueous dispersion, and micronized powder. PTFE market is mainly manufactured by polymerization technique; polymerizing of PTFE by emulsion or dispersion technique. The market demand is growing considerably due to the growing penetration with emerging medical industry application and growing demand in Asia-Pacific due to continuous industrial expansions.

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Currently, the demand for PTFE is driven by its increasing applicability in medical, automotive, chemical processing, food & household applications that require material with specific properties. Properties like inertness to chemicals, low dielectric strength, high thermal stability, low co-efficient of friction, and so on, makes PTFE a preferred material in these industries. Emerging expanded PTFE (ePTFE) and modified (mPTFE) encloses the major opportunities in PTFE market. ePTFE market is a growing market which majorly envelopes PTFE membrane application. ePTFE membrane has improved material properties as compared to standard PTFE and hence is finding emerging applications in industries like, medical, filtration, and textile. ePTFE is consumed in a large portion in textile and filtration application by means of fibers.

Also PTFE has now become an essential market for PTFE and plays an important role in increasing consumption of PTFE. PTFE is consumed in applications where standard PTFE does not meet the requirements and hence fills the gap for standard PTFE market. Various modifications in PTFE properties will enhance and help mPTFE market to emerge which further will play a crucial role in increasing the overall PTFE market..

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Asia-Pacific leads in the consumption of PTFE. The consumption of PTFE in the other regions is industry specific. Industrial goods and Coatings applications share a large consumption both in the Asia-Pacific and European region. The consumption of PTFE in medical industry is quite high in North American and European regions and is slowly penetrating into the Asia–Pacific market. The growth of fast developing countries in the Asia–Pacific assures investment and increase in consumption of PTFE. Also, increasing purchasing power in developing countries and need for high performance products may add to the high demand in the future.

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