Pitchengine Rolls Out Instant Publishing Platform, Current

Pitchengine, a pioneer in publishing software for marketing and PR, has just launched, Current, an innovative "Instant Publishing" platform for bloggers, brands and teams of all kinds.

Currentâ„¢ eliminates the need for dashboards and logins making publishing content easier and more frictionless, especially for teams.

"We created this technology about a year ago and have been testing it with hundreds of beta users (as Tiny Pitch) including on our own Community News Streams which have published a total of more than 15,000 posts in 2015 alone," said Pitchengine Founder & CEO, Jason Kintzler.

"It's hard to get excited about software these days, but I found myself smiling every time I used Current. There's just something about removing friction and overhead that feels so right," he added.

With Current, users simply compose and send an email to the Instant Publish system. Current parses the content, formatting it for mobile devices, desktops and social networks before sending the users back a Publish button. From there, the post is live and added to the user's Current News Stream.

The platform supports hashtags, making it easy to organize posts, news updates and more on the fly.

Where Current really stands out though is with teams.

"Imagine having all of your agency, employees or even your fans publish to your Current using only an email address," Kintzler explained.

People send photos, news updates and more to a custom email like "" Admins can accept or decline posts with just a click from their inbox removing the need for multiple logins, dashboards and more.

"We're in the early stages of seeing just what we can do with it, but I can say it's easily the coolest content publishing tool I've seen in the past five years," said Kintzler.

Current is available for individual bloggers and brands for free now. Pitchengine plans to launch Current for Teams in the coming weeks.