14 Jewels of Dynamic Leadership” – New Book by Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Dr. Mary M. Gillam, Col (Ret), USAF

How to Improve Your Leadership Skills & Build the Next Generation of Leaders


Do you like diamonds?  If so, you are going to enjoy this easy-to-read, understand, and apply inspirational and God-inspired leadership book by #1 Amazon best selling author, Dr. Mary M. Gillam, Col (Ret), USAF.  Since Diamonds are known for their longevity and durability, Dr. Gillam chose to use diamonds as the jewel to portray these dynamic leadership principles.

Combining over 30+ years of leadership experience in various leadership positions in the military, government, and industry, Dr. Gillam has documented 14 battle-tested and proven leadership principles that produce results.  Using the bible as her foundation, she reminds the reader to allow God’s wisdom to “seal the deal.”  Follow his direction, and you will never go wrong.   Whether you are a seasoned leadership executive or novice, this book will offer a measure of wisdom that can be successfully applied in your leadership journey.  This dynamic and inspiring book is now available on Amazon, Create Space, Barnes & Noble, and other book distribution sites.  Get your copy today!


Dr. Mary M. Gillam

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