Romanian Security Project helps IT Specialists Deal with Hacking

RSP might look like your ordinary white hat Hacking community at first, but it's actually serving a surprisingly altruistic purpose - for IT specialists! As Romanian Security Project administrator Valium stressed, it would be virtually impossible for any website to be secured without their IT specialists learning basic IT skills. "We might look like a community of hackers who are out to threaten network security at first, but you can also look at it another way. By knowing how the latest tricks are being done, you can keep your networks more secure as well."

Neither is the website just for Romanians. An IT specialist for Dell USA who didn't wish to be named admitted that he has, in fact, been keeping his eyes peeled on the rsp forums since it opened last August 2013. "Most of the attacks we get are from inside the USA, but some are from other countries. I'm not saying Romania is necessarily one of them, but I heard some of the best hackers come from that community, so I thought it would be wise to keep an eye out." This specialist was using online translation tools as the forum is in Romanian.

Valium further relayed to us that the programming community, as he did not want to label it strictly a hacking community, also welcomes beginners. "There are about three or four other programming-slash-hacking websites and forums in Romania, but most of them cater to advanced programmers. They are not very friendly with beginners. That is why my partner Leon and I decided to start Romanian Security Project. This way we can share the most complicated white hat hacking tricks and still entertain questions as how to crack a password. No member would be made fun of for asking simple questions like that. It's a programming democracy."

Mobile phones and security breaches

"We're looking into network security vulnerabilities right now and how mobile usage figure into them," Valium says. This threat was discussed in the recently -held IDC survey on worldwide security. Apparently, even the biggest companies around the world are threatened by hackers who could get into their confidential files, and no, anti-virus software programs won't do it anymore. They want more secure websites so the perpetrators can be hindered from entering their databases.

"I realize that it's a double-edged sword," Valium says of the forum, "but Leon and I were serious when we named the community. We're more concerned about providing proper security to networks, no matter how big or small. Right now, we have a handful of programmers sharing what they know. We're looking to invite more."

Valium, who also does now want to reveal his true identity, says that he has been studying different programming languages since he was in his teens. "It's ever-evolving. It's also quite addictive, these mind games: building security blocks, learning how to break them, learning how to block what broke them. For some hackers, it's not actually the money. The very best ones do it for the sake of outsmarting another IT specialist, or a group of IT specialists. As an administrator of this forum, I'm just lucky enough to witness some of these - shall I call it, conversations bloom. You meet some of the best minds here, no matter what side they may be in."

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