Your Pet Chef Offers New Customer Discount

Chicago, IL — Billions of American dollars are spent every year taking care of their dogs, with millions of that going to take care of health problems that have been caused by an improper diet. What many dog owners fail to realize is that if they were to spend more money on the food that the feed their dogs, they would spend less money when they took their dogs to the vet. Yourpetchef is a premium dog food company that provides the very best in nutrition for dogs, making them healthier and helping them live a longer life.

Yourpetchef started four years ago as the brainchild of Lisa Hennessy as a way to care for her own sick puppy. After a very short period of time the puppy’s degenerative myelopathy stopped spreading, and though the puppy was lost after a few months a business idea was formed. Hennessy tested her idea on her other dogs, and soon mealtime became an event that the dogs looked forward to each day.

With Yourpetchef customers are able to get home cooked food specifically designed for their dog’s needs. Before starting the process each customer must fill out an introductory questionnaire at , where the customer provides information abut the breed, size and dietary needs of the animal. Hennessy and her team then work to formulate a special blend of foods targeted specifically for the dog that will help it maintain its ideal weight and keep it healthy. Each order is sent right to the customer’s home, so paying for the service even eliminates the need to go to the store to shop for dog food.

The amazing amount of money that Americans spend on their dogs is sure to make Yourpetchef a success for years to come. Now that the company is offering new customers a 20% discount on their first order, more people will want to experience the Yourpetchef difference and provide their dogs with the best food available.

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