How to Lose Body Fat within a few weeks?

What causes increase in Fat?

The belly fat increases due to unhealthy lifestyles, improper dieting habits and no exercise in daily routine. Also studies have shown that increase in intake of junk or processed food results in increased fat.

But, there are mainly four reasons that increase body fats resulting in obesity.

1)      Sedentary Lifestyle: The most common reason for the body fat increase. The daily routine and work that has no movement cause fat in body.

2)      Overeating: The high intake of calories with no measures taken to burn them is another reason. The overeating with no regular exercise results in waist increase.

3)      Genes: It is difficult to reduce weight or is impossible if the cause is genetic. The fettreducering in this type, can be cured with medically proven treatment.   

4)      Health Conditions: Underactive thyroid that does not make thyroid hormone.


The effects of fat on health:

Fat if not reduced or medically treated could have serious implications on health. It could affect on various organs of body. Following are the effects of it on health.

1)      Heart disease

2)      Increase in blood pressure which may cause organ failure.

3)      Insulin resistance.

4)      Alzheimer.

5)      Increase in waist size- obesity.

The diets to reduce body fat:

1)      Almond: Contains protein, Vitamin A and fibre

2)      Avocado: Rich in fibre.

3)      Cucumber: High water content and low calorie food.

4)      Green Vegetables: Contains low calorie and high fibre.

5)      Beans: Improves digestion.

6)      Watermelon: High water content.

The treatments for instant reduction in fat:

The above all measures to reduce fat or control fat give positive effect on body in long term. But to have instant effects in fat reduction i.e. within a few weeks of time needs a medical treatment. Omorphia 20.0 and liposuction are some of the few treatments for fat reduction. The Omorphia 20.0 is one of the best treatments which are medically proven to show positive effects on fettreducering ultraljud. Unlike liposuction, Omorphia 20 has no side effects or irregularities.  

Omorphia 20.0 treatment:

It is a systematic device to reduce fat in body. In this the ultrasonic pulses are passed through tissues that want to be treated. The treatment, unlike surgery, is painless and is effective. This fat reduction Stockholm, Sweden- has the treatment which is risk free.

Following are the technologies used in this treatment:

1)      Cavitation: It reduces waste or unwanted body fat in body and shapes body.

2)      Radio Frequency: It heats up water molecules in tissue which increases metabolism and drains fat cells.

3)      Infrared: It has direct effect on muscles and joints and causes increase in oxygenation of the blood.

4)      Vacuum Massage: It massages the skin in depth and the surface. Also it leads to circulation of blood which reduces waste in body.

5)      Mechanical massage: It increases skin cell generation activity which drains out the thickened fat deposits.

Other advantages of Treatment

1)      Decreases muscle and joint pain.

2)      Removes fat deposits.

3)      Reduces pores in skin.

4)      Tightens up the excess skin.