Issis & Sons, a leading home furniture retailer serving Pellham, AL residents, has launched an innovative new website.

April 21, 2015, Pellham, AL

Issis & Sons, a leading home furniture retailer serving Birmingham, AL residents, has launched an innovative new website designed to help consumers save time and eliminate the guesswork traditionally associated with the furniture shopping experience. The new website compliments their traditional brand and makes it easier to explore their variety of furniture pieces.

The OmniVue website platform by MicroD Inc., incorporates mobile-friendly, Responsive Web Design to provide shoppers with best-in-class navigation and convenience while shopping on tablets and other mobile devices. The platform also enables Issis & Sons to deploy more dynamic and customizable websites, with enhanced search engine optimization, that better communicates their unique branding and product strategies. Designed and developed in conjunction with online furniture merchandising specialists, Issis & Sons can seize new opportunities to better engage with your consumer.

Steve Issis recently opened a fourth location of Issis & Sons under the same principle that has guided his 30-year career in the retail flooring and furniture business. He opened Issis & Sons-Greenbrier in Vestavia Hills. “The new Issis & Sons-Greenbrier location in Vestavia Hills is a direct response to his customers’ needs. We’ve always listened to what our customers wanted, and they want convenient locations. We have four stores now, but they all follow the same philosophy–that our boss is the customer,” Issis said.

Issis, who lives in Hoover with his wife of 20 years, Cynthia, and three children, ages 12-18, got his start in the business while he was still a teenager. A native of Birmingham, Issis began laying carpet and tile as his own one-man company shortly after graduating from Ensley High School. “I liked the work, and I learned that I really loved to please my customers. So I did that for about three years and then in 1983, I decided to open the first store,” Issis said.

From the beginning, the enterprise was a family business. Issis’ father, Odeh, took a chance on his young entrepreneurial son and helped him open the first Issis & Sons store in Pelham 30 years ago. Issis said, “That first store in Pelham had about 1,000 square feet and a staff of two. We really started this thing from the ground up, and we were doing all the hands-on work ourselves.” Issis and his father ran the company and worked together every day until Odeh passed away 11 years ago. “I loved every minute of working with him. I wouldn’t take anything for it,” he said. Issis said he learned a lot from his father about how to be successful in business and in life. “He always told me to really think about things and make sure to do the right thing. He told me to never do something to anyone that I wouldn’t want done back to me. The company also has another family connection,” Issis said. Two of his nephews have been working with him for several years and some employees have been with the company so long, they are considered family.

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