Straight from the dark matter; The first part of the humorous sci-fi series (Reluctant) Trips is released.

Book 1 Ryan Ratliff's (Reluctant) Trips series, Through Dimensional Detours is a Tour-De-Force shifting all paradigms with its innate ability to push the envelope; this book stands poised to deliver beyond the event horizon and cause a complete sea change in the science fiction genre as it simultaneously transcends convention.

Are these buzzwords doing anything for you? 

No? Fair Enough, here’s the deal...

Times are changing (if only slightly); As recent as 2014 scientists discovered a ‘hypervelocity’ star revealing only slightly more than what is already known in regards to dark matter.

Of course, this story begins in the 1980’s and flits to and fro uninhibited by time and in disregard to our current understanding of the universe and its dark composition. The Chapel brothers, proud inheritors of a successful bar located in the very small, very dry, and very hot town of Bowling, Arizona, proceed with their everyday lives completely unaware of the impending misfortune silently waiting in the dark viscous unknown.

  • Things happen
  • People disappear
  • even more things happen
    (as a result of the things preceding them)

Join Tim, Eddie and friends in their possibly epic, likely unexpected, struggle through time and space to find one another, find themselves and discover the life awaiting those who, reluctantly, leave the safety of their homes.

This is only book one, so the discoveries may be marginal, incomplete and, at times, allusive. But it will all make sense in the end. Probably.

Book 1 of (Reluctant) Trips: Through Dimensional Detours is now available!

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