Superior Hardwoods Offers Fantastic Reclaimed Flooring Options to Customers

United States 16th April 2014 - Superior Hardwoods, a leading name in the world of wood floorings of every kind includingunfinished hardwood flooring are now offering fantastic offers on reclaimed wood. There is a high demand for these varieties because of the unique and beautiful designs and the rarity associated with such flooring options. In keeping with the needs of the customers, the company is always offering a wide range of choices in flooring to interested buyers. Servicing the Montana area, the company has been dealing with reclaimed lumber from as long as 1977.

Some of the reclaimed flooring options from Superior Hardwoods presently include their Heirloom Series along with other hard wood flooring choices for the buyers. Some of the options in this series include Wide Plank Grainery Board with its golden highlights and deep browns. Besides, customers can also find saw original marks on it, giving it an authentic dated appearance. It is also possible to come across sound cracks and nail holes on its surface, adding to its appeal in the modern scenario.

Besides, the Heirloom Range, one can also go for SPECIALS that are LIMITED EDITIONS, which as the name implies are extremely rare indeed. Nowadays,reclaimed wood flooring is exclusive because most of the material is simply not available in the present time. In such a scenario, Superior Hardwoods is surely giving its customers a fantastic opportunity to invest in something, which is for keeps. Reclaimed lumber from the company comes with complete authentication because it is a trusted name in the world of hardwood floorings. Buyers looking for wood with charming old world appearance and preserved quality can now find fantastic options such as custom cutting from this prominent lumber business in Montana.

Those who want to know more about reclaimed wood options from Superior Hardwoods can visit their website anytime.

About The Company

Superior Hardwoods of Montana is a reclaimed lumber company that was established in 1977. Guiding customers through the woods has been their passion for 36 years. Their main focus has been to provide the finest wide plank flooring and unique building materials available in the market place. In order to ensure this quality, they are proud to offer the largest selection of "In stock" hard wood flooring in the western United States.

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Superior Hardwoods of Montana

Address: 5120 U.S. 93

Missoula, MT 59804

Phone: 800-572-9601