New Website Is First Of Its Kind To Offer Map Of Destinations To Smoke Marijuana



Long Beach, California (March 31, 2014) – Whether someone is visiting family or traveling to new places, knowing where smoking marijuana is legal and welcomed can be important to respect others and the law.  There are many different sites and mobile apps that review restaurants and coffee shops, but nothing specifically targeted towards those venues and businesses welcoming marijuana.  Now a new website, BudPubs, is ready to help those looking to smoke marijuana socially and responsibly find an environment suited for them.


The recently launched site allows others to read, review, comment and upload pictures to this virtual community of places that are accepting of people who smoke marijuana in different facilities.  These places include bars, clubs, coffee shops, events, tours, and more.


Although marijuana legalization is fairly new in states such as Colorado and Washington, there are many social marijuana clubs already operating worldwide.  For instance, Canada already has a variety of social vape clubs operating throughout several provinces.


Users of BudPubs can search in a variety of ways including geographical location through a Google Map, by name, venue type, and more. BudPubs promotes places to smoke cannabis, not where to purchase marijuana.  Knowing what businesses allow someone to smoke marijuana legally allows patrons and cannabis smokers to respect the business and other patrons in the community.


Especially in the United States, marijuana legalization is a newer concept so there are not many businesses specifically catered towards the cannabis smoking industry.  With wider spread legalized legislation, there is an emerging market of social marijuana smoking clubs and coffee shops. 


Users of BudPubs can give venues reviews and ratings that are basedoff a five-star scale.  Addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, and age requirements are listed on venue pages allowing for those who are planning a visit to do so accurately and efficiently.


BudPubs is currently working on an iPhone and Android App that is to be released in the near future as well so users of BudPubs can access information on the go.


BudPubs aims to allow users to easily and effectively find places to smoke weed responsibly and socially worldwide.  By allowing users to rate, review, and comment on venues around the world, BudPubs is quickly on the way to providing an informative and interactive listing of marijuana-friendly environments for visitors and members of the community. For more information or to start searching for venues today, visit


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