Animal Feed Processing Equipment, Animal Protein Ingredients and Biofuels Market Driven by Rising Population

Animal feed processing equipment is used for pre-processing, quantitative batching, conditioning, and pelletizing of feed raw materials. The growing population and their increasing income are expected to result into a rise in the demand for food, both fresh and processed. Along with this, the demand for animal feed processing equipment will also increase. The global livestock feed processing equipment market is segmented on the basis of type (pillet mill, mixer, crusher, pulveriser, and others), product type (poultry, cattle, pork, and others) and geography.

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Animal Feed Protein Ingredients Market
With increasing health concerns all over the world, people are becoming aware of the health benefits of animal protein. Due to this, the food processing industry is experiencing a void between the demand and supply for animal protein-based food products. This has increased the pressure on livestock farmers to optimize their productivity, as a result of which there is significant growth in demand of animal protein ingredients. The global animal protein ingredients market is segmented on the basis of type (dairy, egg, gelatin), application (dairy, clinical nutrition, dietetic & sports food, confectionery, beverages, meat, bakery) and geography.

Bio-fuel Market 
Biofuels are energy sources that are mainly produced from biological sources such as molasses, residues from alcohol and manufacturing facilities, food processing industry waste, agriculture waste, rendered products, and so on. There is significant growth in the demand of biofuels with increasing environmental concerns and depleting renewable sources of energy. The global biofuel market is segmented on the basis of type (ethanol, biodiesel), application (transportation, energy generation, others) and geography.

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