Latest JavaScript Web Development Techniques

JavaScrpit frameworks have totally revolutionized the JavaScript and its use for web development. The frameworks like Backbone, Ember, Angular and Knockout have also allowed web developers to use this language to develop standardized application quickly.

Traditional JavaScript development consisted of mixing scripts with markup and use codes to develop a codebase which often became very complicated, particularly when a whole team of professionals used to work on the same project. However in the recent years, these issues have been taken care of and now markup, scripts and CSS styles in separate files.

jQuery was another important creation. The basic aim of jQuery was to make JavaScript a more accessible product. Now more developers can use it, because of its reduced code and easier coverage on different browsers. Since jQuery was first introduced, it has become very popular among the developers. There are many other JavaScript frameworks who offer similar benefits.

JavaScript can also be used with many server-side applications which also show its flexibility. Its flexibility can also be explained by the fact that it now comes as a standard with most web browsers. Where as in the case of other plugins, you are required to download something to run them.

AJAX was another important development in theu se of JavaScript. AJAX allowed new opportunities for we developers. With AJAX web developers can offer dynamic content changes to website, without refreshing the page. Maps are a perfect example of this. You can navigate the map smoothly without refreshing the page again and again.

All web developers who are still confused about the JavaScript should check this scripting language as soon as possible since it would be a perfect addition to their skillset. In fact it would also simplify a lot of things in their professional life. You can use JavaScript in different aspects. Most front end developers are now required to keep some type of understanding of this script. Those who have already embraced it would get a lot of opportunities in their professional life. They would surely be a step ahead of those who don’t know about JavaScipt.

Most of the frameworks that we have discussed in this article are comparatively new and that’s why it is very important for developers to keep themselves updated about the development and growth of these frameworks. They should know that which frameworks are still operation in the market while which one are outdated. Which one are the most favorites in the industry. For today the likes of Node, Angular, Backbone and Ember are the clear favorites. This might change in future and some other frameworks might replace them. But for today developers are required to get an understanding of these frameworks. For more information on website design and development services in Chicago IL search over the internet and find the best solutions for your website.