Carrie Hammer Is Making An Impact On and Off the Runway

Carrie Hammer is a NY based fashion designer who just had a huge debut NY Fashion Week show. With Fall Fashion Week spanning the globe right now, Carrie Hammer stood out vastly from the thousands of others in the pack.  


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Bridget O’Brien



Ms Hammer used Role Models, not runway models to walk the runway.  She also made history having the first woman in a wheelchair, Ms. Wheelchair NY, Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, come down the runway in her collection. The press and fan reception have been overwhelming and we want to continue to spread Carrie's message that the fashion industry should focus more on real women, celebrate their beauty and that clothes should fit the woman and women shouldn't have to alter themselves to fit into clothes. Hammer's motto is "Dress for the job you want not the job you have."  The realization is that women in the work force come in all shapes and sizes and some may be living with a disability, but it does not hold them back from working, living their lives and loving fashion.


Ms Hammer's bold move in including people that are often forgotten or intentionally neglected by fashion and many industries has started a great deal of dialogue on social media, in the press and around the water cooler.

She received so many inspiration stories, such as this one from a young fashionista trying to regain her self confidence after losing all four of her limbs very suddenly. 

"My name is Karen and I am 30 years old living in Los Angeles. I read an article about your fashion show which showcased Danielle Sheypuk. Seeing her on that runway made me teary eyed because it boosted my self confidence...

2 years ago I contracted bacterial meningitis and in order to save my life doctors had to amputate all 4 of my limbs. I am now living my life using prosthetic arms and legs for independence. I still have a hard time dealing with my appearance. I use to have so much self confidence, but lately I have been afraid to accept myself.

I have a passion for fashion so I hope one day I will get to show the world "why can't people with disabilities, people like me, be beautiful and model?" .. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration. Please keep doing what you're doing. We need more people like you in this world." 


Ms.Hammer has an ad campaign to be revealed soon using many people with disabilities, as well as women who are making a difference.  


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