How are Your Bills this Summer? Let Chase Insulation Help

This summer is still heating up, and Chase Insulation is here to help. Chase Insulation wants to be a resource for you as you find ways to cool your home this summer and heat your home this winter. Heating and cooling    your home accounts for between 50 percent to 70 percent of the energy your home uses. Have you thought about adding insulation to help with some of these costs? Even though it sounds like something you’d do in the winter, adding insulation will likely reduce your utility bills year round. Even a small amount of insulation, when properly installed, can reduce energy costs.

Chase Insulation can help you by doing an audit of your home. In this audit, a specialist from Chase Insulation will examine your HVAC    system for leaks and other damage, they’re replace your air filter, and they’ll find hot spots and cold spots caused by lack of ventilation, lack of insulation, or improper insulation. After the audit, a Chase Insulation professional will offer recommendations and insights into how your home could be more energy efficient.

Ways that Chase Insulation may help your home become more energy efficient are to install programmable thermostats, to reinstall or add on insulation, to replace parts on your HVAC system   , and more. We should note that some types of insulation can be added on top of one another, but others cannot. So, determining the right next steps for your home is for you and a Chase Insulation expert to decide. Foam batting is a popular form of insulation, and radiant barrier can often be added to foam batting insulation for improved home efficiency. However, radiant barrier can’t be used with every insulation type found in homes today, just as foam batting insulation likely can’t be used in combination with another insulation type. It all depends on what your home has and what it needs, and that’s where working with a Chase Insulation professional is crucial.


Chase Insulation knows that your energy bills could use some improvement. And luckily for you, we’re here to help! We have all the latest skills and technologies for finding home efficiencies, and we can help you save money not only this summer, but year round.